Alor is renowned for strong current however like anywhere else in the world, you can find sites with current and those without. The intensity of the current mostly depends on the moon cycle, tides and time. Alor has a trickier formula for the current due to our location between the Indian and Pacific Ocean's where currents are influenced by the unique marine topography however with the "complexity", the sea in Alor is rich of marine life diversity and healthy coral reef. With the right calculation of moon cycle and time, current shouldn't be an issue, but rather an enhancement.

Best Season. April to November

Temperature. depends on time and site, ranging from 18°C to 28°C 

Visibility. averages above 30 meters

Recommended Experience. at least advanced with 25 dives or more and last dives no more than 6 months prior

Common Topographies. slope, wall, black or white sands

Marine Life Highlights. Hammerhead Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Reef Sharks, Rays, Frogfish, Rhinopias, Nudibranch, etc 

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notable dive sites

Scuba Diving in Alor, Indonesia


Diving next to a wall is always enjoyable, The Arch has one of the most gorgeous over hang resembling the shape of an arch. At the end of the wall, we ascend to the shallows that offer a stunning healthy coral reef.

Max Depth. 25 meters 

IMG_3093 2 copy.jpeg


Definitely one of the iconic dive sites in Alor, featuring a majestic wall rich with life. This dive site is only accessible  in certain times due to unpredictable currents. Expect to see the local resident electric clam and lobster


Max Depth. 30 meters

Scuba Diving in Alor, Indonesia


if you are a fan of dramatic underwater pillars then definitely  this is a site made for you. enjoy a dive among the pillars crowded with plentiful of macro life, notable creatures to be found here include Frogfish and the resident of schooling Batfish 

Max Depth. 20 meters


Home to Hammerhead Sharks, Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays and sometimes Mobula Rays. this dive site is quite challenging and not always accessible due to conditions

Max Depth. 30 meters


The 'IT' place for muck fanatics located inside Alor Bay. Black sand on gentle slope with patches of rocks and corals, many mooring line and debris. Possible to see Hairy Frogfish, Rhinopias, Pipefish, Seahorse, etc 

Max Depth. 25 meters

Scuba Diving in Alor, Indonesia


Another muck site worth checking out if you love macro. A gradual slope of black sand with patches of corals, full of critters, the notable critter at this site is the Rhinopias.

Max Depth. 20 meters


The first SDI Dive center  located in the heart of Alor Besar, the locals refer our location as Molugara Beach. We are right in the centre of most popular dive sites. Nautika Dive Alor is committed to providing you with world class dive services. Our building is equipped with in house filling station both for air and enriched air, air conditioned camera room (up to 4-5 cameras), fresh water shower and rinsing area, spacious beach front lawn and ocean view dining area.  Our safety standards are rock solid but when it comes to hospitality, we offer flexibility and we hold dearly to our "service from the heart" commitment. Our team consists of well trained, passionate and professional individuals. 



  • Fully equipped fiber dive boat with emergency equipment and hospitality amenities 

  • Air conditioned camera room for up to 4-5 cameras with air blower, tools, cleaning kit and charging points 

  • In house filling station for air and 31% enriched air with Bauer compressor and Catalina scuba cylinders

  • Well designed, clean and secure equipment storage room

  • Rinse tanks for equipment and cameras

  • Emergency oxygen and first aid kit 

  • Spacious beachfront lawn and dining area 

  • Breathtaking ocean views from upper deck 


  • Regulators. Sherwood Brut Pro 

  • Jacket BCD. Sherwood Silhouette (size: xs, s, m) 

  • Back Plate BCD. X-Deep Zeos (adjustable size) 

  • Fins. Mares Avanti Quattro

  • Mask. Tusa Splash, Serne, Visio Tri-Ex 

  • Wetsuit. Aqualung 5mm (size: xs - xxl) 

  • Dive Computer. Suunto Zoop 

  • Cylinders. Catalina 11 Ltr, Air and Enriched Air 31% 

  • Others. SMB, Reef Hook, Hoodie, Vest and Booties 

All of our equipment is included in the price you pay. We handle our equipment with care, clean them thoroughly and maintain them regularly.


  • 4 Ensuite decorated and air conditioned bedrooms 

  • 3 Queen size beds and 1 bunk bed 

  • Daily housekeeping

  • Safety box for your personal belongings 

  • Tea & coffee station


  • Your dive gear handling and care

  • Warm facial towel, dry towels, wind breaker jackets, snacks, individual drinking water bottle, tea and coffee on board 

  • Home cooked buffet or individual serving to suit your dietary requirements 

  • Afternoon tea and local pastries with spectacular sunset views 

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