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Alor is renowned for strong current however like anywhere else in the world, you can find sites with current and those without. The intensity of the current mostly depends on the moon cycle, tides and time. Alor has a trickier formula for the current due to our location between the Indian and Pacific Ocean's where currents are influenced by the unique marine topography however with the "complexity", the sea in Alor is rich of marine life diversity and healthy coral reef. With the right calculation of moon cycle and time, current shouldn't be an issue, but rather an enhancement. "Given the breathtaking underwater beauty of Alor, we highly recommend bringing an underwater camera to capture its splendor. Explore curated selection of trusted waterproof camera recommendations here

Best Season. April to November

Temperature. depends on time and site, ranging from 18°C to 28°C 

Visibility. averages above 30 meters

Recommended Experience. at least advanced with 25 dives or more and last dives no more than 6 months prior

Common Topographies. slope, wall, black or white sands

Marine Life Highlights. Hammerhead Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Reef Sharks, Rays, Frogfish, Rhinopias, Nudibranch, etc 


  • Regulators. Sherwood Brut Pro 

  • Jacket BCD. Sherwood Silhouette (size: xs, s, m) 

  • Hybrid BCD. Sherwood Crux (adjustable size) 

  • Back Plate BCD. X-Deep Zeos (adjustable size) 

  • Fins. Mares Avanti Quattro & Sherwood Elite

  • Mask. Tusa Splash, Serne, Visio Tri-Ex 

  • Wetsuit. Aqualung 5mm (size: xs - xxl) & Akona 3mm (size: xs - xxl)

  • Dive Computer. Suunto Zoop 

  • Scuba Tanks. Catalina 11 Ltr, Air and Enriched Air 31%

  • Others. SMB, Reef Hook, Hoodie and Booties 




Our facility boasts an in-house filling station for both air and enriched air, a camera room accommodating up to 10 cameras, a refreshing freshwater shower and rinsing area, and a spacious beachfront lawn with breathtaking ocean views. At Nautika Dive Alor, we prioritize safety and maintain the highest standards, while our hospitality is characterized by flexibility and our genuine commitment to providing service from the heart. Our team comprises highly trained, passionate, and professional individuals who are dedicated to ensuring your dive journey exceeds your expectations.


Our facilities are meticulously designed, decorated, and thoughtfully organized to ensure simplicity and elegance.

  • Fully equipped fiber dive boats with emergency equipment and enhanced hospitality amenities.

  • Camera room accommodating up to 10 cameras, equipped with air blowers, tools, cleaning kits, and multiple charging points.

  • In-house filling station with a Bauer compressor and Catalina scuba cylinders for air and 31% enriched air.

  • Well-designed, clean, and secure equipment storage room.

  • Dedicated rinse tanks for gear and cameras, ensuring optimal condition.

Experience our top-notch facilities designed to enhance your diving adventure and provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


Experience exceptional service and a memorable stay with Nautika Dive Alor.

  • Dive Gear Handling and Care: Our dedicated team takes meticulous care of your dive gear, ensuring it receives the attention it deserves.

  • On-Board Comfort: Enjoy comfortable and enjoyable diving trips with warm facial towels, dry towels, windbreaker jackets for added warmth, energizing snacks, and individual drinking water bottles. Tea and coffee are also provided throughout the day

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