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our support for a better future

it's time to make a change! we care deeply about our environment and community welfare, yet we are not perfect but we are learning everyday on how to implement or inspire changes within us and the others. We want to support those who are already making such efforts in making changes for our better future and we salute them as our hero. we hope to coexist with the community to provide supports in their welfare through educations, support systems and through what we are good at, diving. our hope to support the community represent by the lighthouse in the logo

please spare your time to support them and together we can make a change


Thresher Shark Project



This group of young and enthusiastic heroes are working day and night to protect our thresher shark from a great threat. "Thresher Shark Project Indonesia was founded in 2018. Our work aims to protect endangered pelagic thresher shark (Alopias pelagicus) in Alor Island, Indonesia through investigating the critical habitat, socio-economic importance of the species for the community and conservation outreach to local schools. They combine research and community engagement to inform policy decision for local protection of the species"


We are fundraising to help the transition of thresher shark fishermen to sustainable yellowfin tuna fisheries. Help us raise at minimum US$30,000 to achieve this. has been working alongside thresher shark fishermen, and all Alor stakeholders to put an end to targeted endangered thresher sharks in two small and remote fishing villages. 


Our early engagement since 2018 has made us gain trust from community members, village elders, indigenous leaders as well as government to achieve this. Thresher shark fishermen have been proposing the idea to increase their skills and asking for facilities to transition into sustainable yellowfin tuna fisheries which are thriving in the region.


We need your help! Please consider donating to help these fishermen get out of poverty and prevent the thresher sharks from going extinct. Any amount of donation and shares would definitely help us achieve this tangible conservation outcome by 2022. Thank you for all your supports!


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