Adhering to  DAN (Divers Alert Network) and Government recommendations, we are implementing new safety protocols for our daily operations. 

Personal Safety Protocol: 


  1. Protect Others: if you have or may have symptoms, please don’t engage in any activity, protect others by protecting yourself in isolation. If you happens to catch symptoms when you arrive in Alor, we will provide essential needs assistance during your isolation. 

  2. Social Distancing: we will ask you to keep distance 1-2 meters at anytime. we will reduce our number of capacity by 40-50%. As much as we want to give you a high five after an awesome dive, we will refrain ourself to do so.

  3. Wear Mask Properly: please understand that wearing a mask is required by the government thus we humbly ask you to follow this protocol. If you don’t have mask, we will provide you with a reusable mask. We will ask you to wear mask on the boat as well especially during the boat in motion.

  4. Wash Your Hands: we will provide hand washing facility in few spots and hand sanitiser on the boat, please always wash your hand with soap correctly for at least 20 seconds.

  5. Don’t Touch Your Face: refrain yourself from touching your face especially mouth, nose and eyes area. If you wish to do so, please wash your hand (point 4). 

  6. Cover Your Face: if you have to cough or sneeze, please do it safely, away from the others, covered or on the back of your elbow and wash your hands with soap right after

Diving Safety Protocol: 


  1. If you may or have the symptoms, please don’t dive 

  2. If you have been tested positive in the past and have experienced pulmonary or respiratory effects, please consult with your physician and don’t dive until you are clear to do so 

  3. Please use baby shampoo to defog your mask instead using your spits 

  4. During buddy check, keep distance, focus on your own equipment while reminding each other on the step 

  5. Don’t test breath your alternate air source but purge test to make sure it’s clean for others to use during emergency

  6. Pocket mask is now considered to be unsafe for CPR, use ambu bag or wait for the medic to arrive 

Operational Safety Protocol:


  1. Mind Your Own Gear: you will be asked to assemble and disassemble your own gear and our crew will assist with transporting, washing and storing (let us know if you wish to do on your own) this also means that you must not touch other’s gears unless you really have to (emergency situation) this includes also for towels, drinking bottle, bags, etc

  2. Handle Properly: please handle your gear properly, avoid touching the mouthpiece, the inside of your mask and please don’t touch the inside of your valve of first stage and scuba tank 

  3. Disinfect Right Away: we will provide disinfectant on the boat, please rinse your regulators, mask and snorkel right after you get back on the boat 

  4. Wash Your Gear: we will provide washing tanks with disinfectant (we use dettol) please wash your gears throughly 

  5. Limit Your Steps: some rooms in the area will be limited to a safe number of people

  6. Dine Privately: our meal is usually buffet but instead, we will be serving your meal in individual meal box, equally tasty with the buffet. Please dine following Social Distancing Protocols 

  7. Don’t Stop: our driver has been instructed to not stop at local residential area, they will drive you straight from hotel to dive centre and back, please only stop to buy essentials and follow safety protocols 

  8. Documents: you will be asked to sign medical documents upon or prior to your arrival

  9. Cleaning After: our facilities will be disinfected daily at the end of the day

Travelling Safety Protocol: 


  1. Please follow Safety Protocol during travelling

  2. Some airport, city or country may requires you to bring a document from your physician after you have done swab test, please check before travelling 

  3. You are at a greater risk during travel, please monitor for any symptoms, isolate and report if you show any

Please help us to protect our guests, our staff and our community by following the new safety protocols. Safety Protocols will be changed and updated following new recommendations from DAN and Government. 


Stay healthy and stay happy