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Abdullah Anwar


Abdullah Anwar, known to his friends as "Dope," is an individual with an infectious personality. Born and raised in Alor Besar, he is a friendly guy who brings a warm and welcoming presence wherever he goes. Being the fifth child among six siblings, Dope grew up in a lively household, surrounded by the love and support of his family. His father's occupation as a fisherman instilled in him a deep appreciation for the sea and its resources.

He Graduated from Muhamadiyyah Kupang. Dope loves soccer and developed a keen interest in the sport. He can often be found engaged in spirited discussions and cheering for his favorite teams with his friends. One of the qualities that make Dope such a cherished companion is his ability to be a good listener. He genuinely cares about others' experiences and perspectives, and his empathetic nature makes him a trusted confidant.

Furthermore, Dope is known for his knack for storytelling and his ability to weave humorous anecdotes that bring smiles and laughter to those around him. His infectious laugh has the power to uplift spirits and create a joyous atmosphere wherever he goes.

In addition to his vibrant personality, Dope plays a significant role at Nautika Dive Alor. Interestingly, his family owns the land where the dive center stands today. Dope's journey with Nautika began as a night security personnel during the construction phase, and he has since grown into an administrative role, contributing to the smooth operation of the dive center. His passion for the sea and his dedication to preserving its beauty align perfectly with the mission of Nautika Dive Alor.

Dope's heartfelt message to the world resonates with his profound hope for a peaceful coexistence. He believes that by fostering understanding and respect for one another, we can create a harmonious world that embraces and celebrates our diverse perspectives and backgrounds. His optimistic outlook and genuine desire for unity inspire those around him to strive for a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Abdullah Anwar
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