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Israfil Bachtiar

Senior Divemaster

Israfil, fondly known as Egy, carries an innate ability to spread laughter and joy wherever he goes. Born in the tranquil village of Moru in Alor, Egy's childhood was enriched by the experiences he gained after moving to Lombok at a young age. However, his unwavering love for his hometown eventually drew him back, where he now resides. As the second child among four siblings, Egy grew up in a family deeply connected to the sea, with his father working as a fisherman.

Egy's humorous and cheerful nature makes him a beloved presence in any gathering. He effortlessly lightens the atmosphere with his jokes and playful banter, leaving everyone around him with smiles on their faces. His infectious laughter and unwavering positivity create an uplifting energy that brightens the lives of those fortunate enough to know him. Egy's ability to find humor in the simplest of moments is a testament to his lighthearted outlook on life.

In addition to his jovial nature, Egy is known for his strong work ethic and exceptional skills as a spotter in muck diving. With keen eyes and attention to detail, he possesses the remarkable ability to locate hidden treasures amidst the underwater landscape. His dedication to his craft and his proficiency in spotting marine life contribute to creating extraordinary diving experiences for others.

Egy's commitment to protecting and restoring the sea stems from his deep reverence for its beauty and its vital role in sustaining life. He understands the detrimental impact human actions have had on marine environments and is passionate about reversing this damage. Egy's message is clear: we must collectively take action and shoulder the responsibility to safeguard and repair our oceans. He advocates for sustainable practices, raising awareness, and fostering a sense of shared responsibility to ensure a thriving future for the sea and the communities that depend on it.

In summary, Israfil, or Egy, is a source of laughter, cheer, and inspiration. His ability to bring smiles to the faces of others is a testament to his humorous nature and genuine kindness. Egy's diligent work ethic and exceptional spotting skills contribute to his reputation as a valuable asset in the diving community. His unwavering commitment to the protection and restoration of the sea underscores his deep appreciation for its beauty and importance. Through his message and actions, Egy strives to inspire others to join him in preserving the oceans for future generations, ensuring a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for all.

Israfil Bachtiar
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