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Jubaidin Karaing

Divemaster Trainee

Jubaidin, affectionately known as Tejo, embodies a sweet and genuine nature that endears him to those around him. Growing up in the picturesque Alor Kecil Village as the fourth child among six siblings, Tejo experienced the warmth and interconnectedness of a tight-knit community. His strong work ethic and craftsmanship were evident when he played a pivotal role as part of the pioneering construction team that built Nautika Dive Alor, showcasing his dedication and attention to detail.

Coming from a family where his father worked as a farmer and his mother excelled as a traditional weaver, Tejo developed a deep sense of cultural appreciation and respect. With a successful graduation from SMK Negri 1 Kalabahi, he discovered solace and passion in the world of soccer, honing his skills and reveling in the camaraderie of the sport. Tejo's journey then led him to become one of the Nautika Divemaster Trainees, a testament to his hardworking and eager-to-learn attitude.

Tejo's commitment to personal and professional growth is exemplified by his pursuit of becoming a certified divemaster. His unwavering dedication and love for the underwater world drive him to expand his knowledge and skills in diving, aiming to share his passion with others and promote the beauty of Alor's marine ecosystem. His hardworking nature and eagerness to learn make him a valuable asset to the team, as he continually seeks to improve himself and inspire those around him.

Tejo's optimistic outlook on life and his unwavering belief in the potential of the Alorese community are central to his message. He encourages his fellow Alorese to remain resilient and keep their spirits high, embracing the opportunities that lie ahead. Tejo envisions a future where individuals strive for personal growth and work collectively to uplift the community, fostering an environment of progress and prosperity.

In summary, Jubaidin, or Tejo, radiates a sweet and genuine presence that leaves a lasting impression on others. His hardworking nature, coupled with his love for dancing and soccer, showcases his dedication to personal pursuits and building connections. As he continues his journey towards becoming a certified divemaster, Tejo represents the spirit of growth and optimism within the Alorese community. Through his message of resilience and embracing opportunities, he inspires others to forge a path towards a better tomorrow, united in their shared vision of progress and success.

Jubaidin Karaing
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