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Explore and dive into Indonesia's hidden gem, the Alor Archipelago

Alor, though not yet widely famous, is considered one of the best dive destinations in Indonesia. Situated in the Coral Triangle, Alor is home to some of the richest marine biodiversity in the world. This archipelago of volcanic islands caters to both wide-angle lovers and muck diving enthusiasts.


Thriving Coral Reefs

Untouched dive sites teem with colorful reefs and marine life, while local fishermen employ traditional, handcrafted methods, adding cultural richness.


Dramatic Topography

Incredible underwater topography with great walls, hidden caves, sloping terrain, white sand dives, and volcanic dark sand featuring bubbles permeating the ground.


Thrilling Currents

Alor is renowned for its thrilling currents that bring great encounters. Our team has mastered dive planning to ensure fun and safety at all times.


Pelagic Surprises

Pelagic encounters in Alor are sporadic and based on luck. However, that makes it even more thrilling to find hammerheads, thresher sharks, mola mola, blue whales, marlins, and dolphins in our dives.

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Muck Critters

World-class muck diving that won't disappoint. Come find Rhinopias, Pygmy  Seahorses, Frogfishes, Coleman Shrimps, Mandarinfish, and a lot more.


Excellent Visibility

Water visibility is good all year long, surprising many divers visiting the area. Average visibility ranges from 25-30m, allowing you to see far beyond.


The diving season runs from mid-March to mid-December. Operations are suspended during the monsoon season. There is no particular season to see certain species, as their habitats and migration routes aren’t definitively known.

Water temperature ranges in most dive sites from 26°C to 29°C, with our southern dive sites at 24°C to 26°C. Unpredictable thermoclines can bring temperatures as low as 20°C; hence, 3-5mm exposure suits are necessary.

Currents are linked to moon cycles and tides. We choose dive sites to avoid strong currents, tailored to your experience level.



With over 70 dive sites, Alor offers a diverse range of diving experiences — from muck dives in Kalabahi Bay, ideal for spotting Rhinopias and Harlequin Shrimps, to encounters with Mola Mola, Thresher Sharks, and Hammerheads in the cold waters of the south. Here is an overview of the dive sites we primarily explore.

Dive Site Map for Alor Archipelago Indonesia


Munaseli - Hammerhead.jpeg


Munaseli, located off North Pantar Island, stands as one of Alor's renowned dive sites. It offers a deep dive amidst medium to strong currents. The plunging wall and strong currents carry nutrients from the sea bottom, attracting an array of large fish, sharks, and schooling fish.

Seen in Munaseli: Hammerhead, Silver Tip, Grey Reef, Black Tip, and White Tip Sharks. Eagle Ray, Mobula Ray, Great Barracuda, Dogtooth Tuna.

Halerman Dive Site Alor, Indonesia


Halerman is one of our southern dive sites in Alor, featuring water temperatures ranging from 24-26°C and mid to strong currents.

With its playful topography and an ideal environment for encountering pelagic creatures and schools of fish, Halerman is a favorite among many enthusiasts.

Spotted in Halerman: Thresher Sharks, Mola-Mola, dolphins, and melon-headed whales.

Goa Wolang / Wolang Cave


Goa Wolang or Wolang Cave in South Alor features colder waters and a moderately strong surge. This dive site offers a beautiful shallow dive to explore two large caverns — one with an air pocket and the other with a swim-through — as well as a combination of slopes and walls.

In the caves, you can often spot bluefin trevallies hunting, nurse sharks, lobsters, electric clams, and more.

Bama Wall, Alor Indonesia


Bama offers a dramatic 40m+ great wall with exquisite topography and superb visibility. It's a vibrant dive site rich in life and color, characterized by currents ranging from mild to strong, occasionally becoming ripping.

Seen in Bama: Napoleon, Bumphead Parrotfish, sea snake, Bluefin Trevally, and many schooling fish.

Pasir Merah Dive Site Alor, Indonesiag


North of Pura Island and known as Red Sand in English, this dive site features unique volcanic red sandy slopes beside a 35-meter deep wall. What characterizes this spot is the bubbling gas vents from Gunung Maru's volcanic system that permeate the ground.

Spotted in Pasir Merah are Nurse Sharks, Bamboo Sharks, Mandarinfish, and various macro creatures such as hairy shrimp.

Rhinopia at Masjid Ampera/Mucky Mosque, Alor Indonesia.jpeg


Also known as Mucky Mosque, this dive site is a great example of what we find in the volcanic sand of Kalabahi Bay. It's a dream spot for macro lovers to engage in muck dives and night dives.

On these sandy slopes, you might encounter Rhinopias, frogfish, seahorses, ghost pipefish, and various types of crabs, shrimps, and nudibranches.



Pelagic encounters, traditional fishing practices, the reef, and more about Alor's waters

Macro critters for muck enthusiasts

Planning a potential trip to Alor? Get in touch with our team!

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