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Candrawati Gogo

Divemaster Trainee

Candrawati Gogo, affectionately known as Aisyah, is a remarkable individual hailing from the vibrant Alor Besar Village. With a relentless ambition and strong work ethic, Aisyah has emerged as a standout member of her community. Despite being shy at first, she possesses a remarkable ability to open up and connect with others on a profound level.

Growing up as the only child of a hardworking fisherman, Aisyah's upbringing instilled in her a sense of resilience and determination. During her school years at SMK 1 Kalabahi, her interest in joining the police and army force was evident. However, her unwavering desire to make a difference in conservation led her down a different path. Aisyah recognized the urgent need to protect her hometown sea and the rich marine life that thrives within it.

This newfound sense of purpose led Aisyah to be recruited as a divemaster trainee by Nautika Dive Alor, an opportunity that has allowed her to pursue her passion while making a positive impact. Her dedication and commitment were further recognized when she participated in the Thresher Shark Champion competition, where she showcased her skills and knowledge. This achievement earned her the distinction of being one of the esteemed scholarship recipients from Bio Rock Indonesia. Today, as the first female divemaster trainee representing Alor, Aisyah takes immense pride in her role as an agent of change for conservation.

Throughout her journey, Aisyah has demonstrated her unwavering commitment to empowerment and equality. She actively engaged in the Girl Scout movement during her school years, embodying the values of leadership, courage, and service. Aisyah's passion for martial arts, coupled with her love for food and adventure, reflects her fearless spirit and desire to push boundaries.

Aisyah's message resonates strongly with the young individuals in Alor, inspiring them to harness the natural beauty of their surroundings to generate sustainable income while concurrently contributing to environmental conservation. She firmly believes that the economic well-being of Alor is intricately linked to its remarkable natural resources, particularly in the realm of tourism. Aisyah serves as an inspiration for her peers, encouraging them to be productive, proactive, and mindful stewards of their beloved Alor. She believes that through their collective efforts, they can ensure the lasting prosperity and preservation of their treasured homeland for generations to come.

In summary, Candrawati Gogo, or Aisyah, is a driven and passionate individual who has embarked on a unique journey of conservation and empowerment. Her ambition, hard work, and dedication to protecting her hometown sea exemplify her commitment to making a positive impact. As the first female divemaster trainee from Alor, Aisyah is breaking barriers and paving the way for greater gender equality in her community. She is a beacon of hope, inspiring others to embrace their potential, protect their natural resources, and forge a brighter and more sustainable future for Alor.

Candrawati Gogo
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