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Flinn Nickola Susantyo

Resort Manager

Flinn, the warm and friendly individual born in Tangerang, has always possessed an innate ability to connect with people. His easy-going nature and excellent listening skills make him a joy to talk to and a trusted confidant. Flinn's strong work ethic and dedication have earned him a reputation as a hard worker, always going above and beyond to deliver exceptional service.

While Flinn pursued a degree in Chinese Literature from the Universities of Bina Nusantara, his true passion has always been in the field of hospitality. From a young age, he felt drawn to the art of creating memorable experiences for others. He thrives on the opportunity to meet new people, learning their stories and making them feel welcome. Flinn's genuine interest in the well-being of others and his innate ability to make everyone feel valued have made him a beloved figure in the industry.

In recent years, Flinn has discovered a newfound love for scuba diving. Delving into the depths of the underwater world, he has witnessed the stunning beauty and delicate balance of the Alor Sea firsthand. This experience has fueled his dedication to preserving this precious ecosystem. As an advocate against destructive fishing practices and harmful activities, Flinn actively promotes awareness, sustainable practices, and a sense of responsibility within the community. He believes that by working together, we can ensure the long-term beauty and ecological equilibrium of the Alor Sea for future generations.

When he's not focused on his professional endeavors, Flinn finds solace and inspiration in his hobbies. He enjoys immersing himself in the pages of comic books, where he can temporarily escape and unwind. Additionally, Flinn has a passion for music, playing various instruments during his free time. The melodies and rhythms provide him with a creative outlet and a means of relaxation.

Within his team, Flinn's cheerful and occasionally goofy behavior brings a sense of joy and camaraderie. His infectious laughter and lighthearted approach create a positive and vibrant work environment. Despite his friendly nature, Flinn remains a diligent and hardworking individual. He consistently puts forth his best effort to ensure the success of his endeavors and the satisfaction of those he serves.

In summary, Flinn is a friendly, approachable, and dedicated individual who embodies the essence of hospitality. His natural ability to connect with people, combined with his strong work ethic, make him a valuable asset in any setting. With a true passion for preserving the Alor Sea, Flinn actively engages others in the cause of environmental conservation. His love for literature, music, and creating joyful experiences for others serves as an inspiration to all who encounter him.

Flinn Nickola Susantyo
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