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Haji Kamarudin Juma

Boat Crew

Haji Kamarudin Juma, lovingly referred to as Goda, is not only hardworking and dedicated but also known for his infectious sense of humor and his ability to bring laughter to any situation. Born in the tranquil village of Alor Besar as the fifth child among seven siblings, Goda learned the value of perseverance and determination from his family of farmers. After completing his primary education at SD Alor Besar, he embarked on a different path by working as an excavator operator in a Malaysian palm farm.

While Goda found fulfillment in his work, his true passion lies in the serenity of fishing. Spending countless hours by the calm waters, he developed a profound appreciation for the ocean and the diverse marine life it harbors. Witnessing firsthand the effects of pollution on these precious ecosystems, Goda became an ardent advocate for the preservation of our seas. He firmly believes that it is our collective responsibility to safeguard the health and cleanliness of our oceans, as they are the lifeblood of our communities and provide a significant portion of our income.

Goda's lively and jovial nature brings joy to those around him. With his constant jokes, witty remarks, and a knack for lighthearted banter, he never fails to bring a smile to people's faces. His humor is a testament to his warm and engaging personality, making him a beloved member of any group. In addition to his humor, Goda loves to dance and is often seen lighting up the room with his energetic moves, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere wherever he goes.

Despite his fun-loving nature, Goda remains committed and diligent in his work. He approaches his responsibilities with unwavering loyalty and a genuine passion for what he does. Whether it's tending to the fields or advocating for marine conservation, Goda's strong work ethic and love for his craft shine through in everything he does.

In summary, Haji Kamarudin Juma, or Goda, is a charismatic and hardworking individual with a passion for both his work and the preservation of our natural resources. His infectious humor, love for dancing, and ability to make everyone laugh make him a cherished presence in any setting. With his unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and his belief in the importance of protecting our oceans, Goda serves as an inspiration for others to play their part in maintaining the cleanliness and sustainability of our marine ecosystems.

Haji Kamarudin Juma
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