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Hansen Oei

General Manager & PADI Staff Instructor

Hansen, the compassionate and creative individual, holds the position of the third child among his four siblings. Growing up, he was deeply influenced by his mother, a dedicated businesswoman, who instilled in him strong values and a sense of responsibility. Although he spent a significant portion of his childhood in Jakarta, Hansen pursued higher education and graduated from the International College of Management Sydney, equipping him with a broad perspective and a global mindset.

In his spare time, Hansen finds solace and inspiration in various activities. Gardening allows him to connect with nature and nurture the beauty of the earth, while playing games provides a means of relaxation and a source of joy. Hansen's daydreaming serves as a creative outlet, fueling his imagination and inspiring him to think outside the box.

One remarkable aspect of Hansen's journey is his transformation from a fear of the water to a deep commitment to live by the sea. Initially, he harbored a fear of the unknown depths, but everything changed when he discovered the breathtaking beauty of the underwater world through scuba diving. Immersing himself in the mesmerizing marine ecosystems, Hansen developed a profound connection to the sea. This newfound appreciation and understanding ignited a passion within him to protect and preserve the ocean's delicate balance.

Hansen's message to the world centers on the values of kindness and respect. He firmly believes that compassion should extend not only to our fellow human beings but also to animals and the environment. In his vision for the future, Hansen aspires to make a broader impact on the well-being of Indonesians, particularly the Alorese community. He recognizes the interconnectedness of various factors such as health, education, and the economy in creating a thriving society. By prioritizing the conservation and well-being of people, Hansen aims to create a solid foundation upon which the preservation of nature can be effectively achieved.

In summary, Hansen is a compassionate and creative individual whose journey is marked by personal growth and a commitment to making a positive impact. From his upbringing shaped by strong values to his pursuit of higher education and his transformation into a champion for marine conservation, he embodies the spirit of responsibility and empathy. Hansen's dedication to the well-being of people and his belief in the power of kindness and respect serve as guiding principles in his mission to create a better future for Indonesians, with a special focus on the Alorese community.

Hansen Oei
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