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Karim Lape


Karim, hailing from the vibrant village of Lewalu in the heart of Alor, is a hardworking and straightforward individual. As the fourth child among seven siblings, he grew up in a bustling household, where his parents, diligent farmers, instilled in him a strong work ethic and a deep connection to the land.

After completing his studies at SMP Ampera, Karim embarked on a journey to Kalimantan, where he gained valuable experience working at a palm plantation. However, his heart always longed for the familiar embrace of Alor, the place he called home. Fueled by a desire to contribute to the local community and make a difference, Karim made the heartfelt decision to return to his beloved homeland.

It was at Nautika that Karim found his true calling. With his unwavering dedication and hardworking nature, he quickly proved himself to be a valuable member of the team. His straightforward approach and strong work ethic made him a reliable and trusted individual, ensuring that tasks were completed efficiently and effectively.

Karim's vision for the future of Alor is one of prosperity and growth. He envisions a thriving community, with abundant job opportunities for the local population. By focusing on sustainable development and empowering the community, Karim believes that Alor can flourish and create a brighter future for its residents. His commitment to the well-being and progress of the community serves as a driving force in his endeavors, as he works tirelessly to contribute to the overall development of his beloved homeland.

In summary, Karim's journey is one marked by hard work, dedication, and a straightforward approach to life. With a deep connection to the land and a passion for his community, he strives to make a meaningful impact in the development of Alor. Karim's vision for a prosperous future and his unwavering commitment to the well-being of the local population highlight his role as a dedicated and forward-thinking individual. Through his efforts, he is contributing to the growth and prosperity of Alor, ensuring that it remains a place of opportunity and abundance for generations to come.

Karim Lape
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