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Linda Buchory


Linda, a proud native of Larantuka in the Nusa Tenggara Timur Province, holds the esteemed position of being the eldest among eight siblings. With her father working as a truck driver for a government-owned company, Linda witnessed firsthand the value of hard work and perseverance in providing for a family.

After successfully graduating from SMA Larantuka, Linda embarked on a journey that took her to Medan, where she found employment at a palm oil factory. During her time there, she developed a strong work ethic and gained valuable experience in the industry. However, her heart yearned for her beloved hometown, and she made the heartfelt decision to return to Larantuka.

Linda's infectious personality makes her a joy to be around. Her humor, enthusiasm, and zest for life bring a lively energy to any environment. Whether it's cracking jokes or diving headfirst into a task, Linda approaches everything with dedication and a contagious enthusiasm that inspires those around her.

Working at Nautika has been a transformative experience for Linda. She is grateful for the opportunity to be part of a team that values equality and fairness, promoting a work environment that nurtures and empowers its staff. Linda's message to others is one of hope and encouragement. She believes that by promoting equality and fairness in the workplace, more employment opportunities can be created, leading to a reduction in unemployment in Alor. Linda envisions a future where individuals can find fulfilling jobs that provide for their families and contribute to the prosperity of the community.

In summary, Linda's journey is one marked by resilience, hard work, and a vibrant personality. As the eldest sibling, she exemplifies responsibility and sets an inspiring example for her family and community. Her experiences in Medan and her work at Nautika have shaped her perspective on the importance of fair and equal employment opportunities. Through her message of gratitude and hope, Linda calls for a future where individuals can find meaningful work and contribute to the growth and prosperity of Alor. Her presence and vibrant spirit add a touch of joy and positivity to any setting, making her a cherished member of the community.

Linda Buchory
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