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Muhammad Haki


Muhammad Haki, affectionately known as Bram, is a remarkable individual and the first Alorese divemaster, born in the picturesque village of Alor Kecil. As the second child among three siblings, Bram's father worked as a trader, instilling in him the values of hard work and perseverance from an early age. While Bram successfully completed his education at SMP Alor Kecil, it was his passion for diving that truly shaped his journey and set him apart.

For over two decades, Bram has been immersing himself in the enchanting underwater world of Alor, honing his skills as an excellent spotter in muck diving and developing a deep connection with the marine ecosystem. Scuba diving is not merely a hobby for Bram; it is a way of life that he embraces with unwavering dedication. His love for the underwater realm is infectious, and his expertise as a divemaster is unparalleled.

But Bram's aspirations for Alor extend far beyond personal accomplishments. He envisions a united effort, with all stakeholders working together towards a common goal: to make Alor renowned, prosperous, and sustainable. Bram recognizes the delicate balance between development and environmental conservation. He understands that preserving the natural beauty and resources that make Alor a unique destination is crucial for the long-term well-being of the local community and the pristine environment they call home.

Bram's dedication to teamwork and collaboration is inspiring, fostering a sense of unity among his colleagues. His exceptional ability to bring people together and work towards a shared vision sets him apart as a true leader in the field of diving. Moreover, Bram's love for his community shines through in his interactions. He is known for his warm and loving nature, always extending a helping hand and bringing joy to those around him.

In addition to his diving prowess, Bram possesses the unique skill of speaking French, adding to his versatility and ability to connect with a diverse range of individuals. This linguistic proficiency opens doors for cultural exchange and bridges the gap between different communities.

In summary, Bram's journey is one of passion, dedication, and a deep love for Alor's marine ecosystem. His role as the first Alorese divemaster is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the underwater world and the sustainable development of Alor. With his team working alongside him, Bram aspires to see Alor flourish, gaining recognition as a premier destination while safeguarding its natural beauty for generations to come. His infectious enthusiasm, exceptional teamwork, and genuine love for his community make Bram a true gem in Alor's diving industry.

Muhammad Haki
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