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Muhasbi Koda


Hasbi, a handsome and charismatic man, was born and raised in the idyllic village of Alor Besar. As the only child of hardworking farmer parents, he grew up with a strong connection to the land and a deep appreciation for the values of labor and community. Although his initial dream was to join the army, fate had other plans, and Hasbi found himself embarking on a different path that led him to Nautika.

After completing his education at SMKN 1 Kalabahi, Hasbi's passion for soccer, which had ignited during his formative years, continued to burn brightly. He actively played the sport, finding joy and camaraderie on the field. His love for soccer became a testament to his determination and his ability to bring people together through shared interests and a competitive spirit.

Hasbi's positive attitude and contagious smile light up any room he enters. His enthusiasm for life shines through in everything he does, and his genuine and playful nature makes him a pleasure to be around. He has a natural ability to lighten the atmosphere with his humor and lightheartedness, bringing joy to those who have the pleasure of his company. Despite his playful nature, Hasbi always carries himself with politeness and respect, understanding the importance of maintaining a balance between fun and professionalism.

Deeply rooted in his heart is the message to protect and care for the environment. Hasbi advocates for the preservation of the natural beauty that surrounds Alor, urging everyone to take responsibility for the well-being of their surroundings. He emphasizes the need to set aside personal pride when it comes to work, recognizing that by coming together and paving our way in the community, we can collectively build a better Alor—a place of unity, progress, and sustainable development.

In summary, Hasbi's journey reflects his resilience, adaptability, and his genuine love for his community and the environment. While his dream of joining the army may not have materialized, he found a fulfilling path in Nautika and continues to make a positive impact on those around him. Hasbi's infectious positivity, humor, and dedication to the betterment of Alor serve as an inspiration for others. Through his message of unity, environmental responsibility, and humility, he encourages everyone to work together and create a brighter future for Alor, where pride is set aside for the greater good.

Muhasbi Koda
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