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Rabia Hedung


Rabia, affectionately known as Bibi Bia, was born and raised in the idyllic village of Alor Besar. As the fourth child among seven siblings, she comes from a humble background, with both her parents working as farmers. Rabia's pursuit of education led her to graduate from SMP Kokar, equipping her with the knowledge and skills to navigate the world.

In her leisure time, Rabia finds joy in socializing and going on picnics with her loved ones. These moments of togetherness allow her to unwind, create lasting memories, and strengthen the bonds with her family and friends. With a calm and collected demeanor, Rabia approaches life with a responsive and genuine attitude, always striving to give her best in every endeavor.

One of Rabia's passions lies in the culinary arts. She loves cooking, using her creativity and skills to prepare delicious meals that bring people together. Through her culinary creations, she fosters a sense of unity and joy, as food has the power to connect people from diverse backgrounds and create cherished moments of shared experiences.

Rabia's message to the younger generations resonates with the importance of education and hard work. She encourages them to dedicate themselves to their studies, recognizing that knowledge is a key to unlocking opportunities and building a brighter future. Alongside academic pursuits, Rabia emphasizes the significance of setting aside ego and pride when it comes to work. By prioritizing collaboration and cooperation, she believes that individuals can contribute to a better future, where unity and collective effort drive progress.

As a genuine and compassionate individual, Rabia embodies the values of humility, perseverance, and dedication. Her calm presence and responsive nature make her a trusted and respected member of her community. Rabia's love for her hometown and the younger generations shines through her message, inspiring others to strive for excellence, embrace teamwork, and work towards a better future for Alor and beyond.

Rabia Hedung
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