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Rufli Djahimo


Rufli, the eldest child among four siblings, was born in Kalabahi, the capital of Alor regency. He pursued his education at Bali Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Ilmu Pelayaran and has dedicated his life to working on boats and the sea. With his exceptional mechanical skills, Rufli has become a valuable asset at Nautika Dive Alor, often hailed as the savior when it comes to servicing and fixing boat engines. Rufli's genuine care and dedication are evident in his work, always giving his utmost effort and ensuring that everything is in optimal condition. Beyond his technical expertise, he is a loving and fun person to have around, always willing to teach and share his knowledge with others. During his spare time, Rufli's love for soccer shines through, as he immerses himself in the game's excitement and camaraderie.

Furthermore, Rufli's devotion to his work has been nothing short of amazing. His ability to navigate through challenges and find innovative solutions has earned him the admiration of his colleagues and the respect of the entire team at Nautika Dive Alor. His relentless pursuit of excellence and his unwavering commitment to delivering the best results have made him an invaluable member of the crew.

Aside from his professional achievements, Rufli's value for friendship is tremendous. He cherishes the bonds he has formed with his colleagues, seeing them not just as coworkers but as an extended family. His warm and welcoming nature creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and support, making him a trusted confidant and a reliable friend.

Rufli's positive impact extends beyond his immediate circle. His acts of kindness and generosity have touched the lives of many in the community. Whether it's lending a helping hand to those in need or providing guidance to aspiring young individuals, Rufli's presence brings joy and inspiration to those around him.

In essence, Rufli embodies the qualities of a true leader and a compassionate individual. His dedication to his work, his values, and his relationships reflects his genuine character. With his remarkable skills, unwavering determination, and boundless kindness, Rufli continues to make a difference in the lives of others, leaving a lasting legacy of friendship, professionalism, and positive change.

In terms of his message, Rufli advocates for kindness and peaceful coexistence among people, urging others not to engage in harm or provoke chaos. He specifically addresses the men, encouraging them to take responsibility for their families and not rely solely on their wives for financial support. Rufli's heartfelt plea highlights the importance of gender equality and shared responsibilities within households, fostering a harmonious and supportive environment for all.

Rufli Djahimo
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