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Umiati Ismail


Umi, a native of Alor Besar, holds the position of the second child among three siblings. Growing up in a family where her father worked as a farmer and her mother dedicated herself to being a housewife, Umi developed a strong sense of responsibility and a deep connection to her cultural roots. Having graduated from SMAN 1 Lobalain Rote Ndao, Umi is equipped with knowledge and aspirations for a brighter future.

In her spare time, Umi finds solace and intellectual stimulation in playing chess. This strategic game allows her to exercise her mind, fostering critical thinking and decision-making skills. Her passion for chess reflects her energetic and passionate nature, as she always seeks opportunities to challenge herself and grow.

Umi's energy and enthusiasm extend beyond her hobbies and permeate her professional life. As a member of the team, Umi brings a vibrant energy and a strong work ethic to the table. She is a team player, collaborating seamlessly with her colleagues to achieve common goals. Umi's dedication and love for what she does make her a true gem to have around, as she not only contributes to the team's success but also uplifts the atmosphere with her positive attitude.

Furthermore, Umi's message to her fellow Alorese community is one of cultural preservation and awareness. She hopes that her fellow community members will become more conscious of the importance of conserving their rich cultural heritage. By cherishing and passing down their traditions, customs, and values to future generations, they can ensure the continuity and vibrancy of their culture for years to come. Umi's advocacy for cultural conservation reflects her deep appreciation for her roots and her commitment to preserving the unique identity of Alor.

In conclusion, Umi's journey as an energetic, passionate, and hardworking individual has shaped her into a valuable asset to her team and a role model for her community. Her love for chess symbolizes her drive for growth and intellectual development. As she embraces her role as a team player and contributes to the success of her organization, Umi embodies the spirit of dedication and passion. Her message of cultural conservation reflects her commitment to preserving the cultural heritage of Alor and ensuring its longevity for future generations. Umi's presence and contributions leave a lasting impact, making her an inspiring figure in both her professional and personal endeavors.

Umiati Ismail
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